Please tell us about latest INKAS achievements and milestones at the factory.

Inkas Vehicles, UAE-based armored manufacturer set as the largest factory in Dubai recently participated in its 3rd IDEX, the largest security and defense exhibition in the MENA region with four new Armored Personal Carriers designed and manufactured in its Dubai facility. With 230 square meters of dedicated space and two vehicles taking part of the daily live show in front of thousands of people, the beginning of 2017 is off to a flying start.

The year 2017 saw the development of the armored commercial fleet with the production of 8 new models including the latest Armored Mercedes Maybach S600, Hiace and Lexus LX 570 to name a few. The design and production team worked around the clock to develop four military vehicles from the Inkas Titan APC range which received ovation from industry professionals and successful orders to African countries or more recently for the UN organization in Egypt for one of its peace mission.


What new regions did you expand into? What is your strategy? New contracts? Clients?

During the first quarter of 2017, we have been focusing on the production of our APCs and luxurious commercial vehicles as we have successfully been awarded our 20th contract this year, including a large quantity in excess of 50 vehicles to be delivered to government in Africa.

We are now in stage II – design and manufacturing of a new APC, based on a shorter OEM Dodge chassis, more compacted and allowing up to 8 pax, available for pre-order.

Our clientele is mostly based in the MENA region and Asia. We are expanding our target market with recent new projects based in Europe. 

At INKAS, we believe that safety is in a perpetual state of evolution. We live in a world of change and seemingly invincible threats.  In order to move forward we must constantly innovate and direct all our efforts towards a better world, leading by example.


Did you implement any new technologies?

Our current military and armored commercial vehicles are designed with the latest technologies in terms of material and equipment. Our industry is competitive and therefore we have to set the trend in terms of design and production including having a forward thinking every step of the way.

Threats all over the word have become more thought throughout which also impact how we develop defense vehicles for our customers with one focus in mind: Protection and Safety.


What new models did you develop?

Suited for SWAT, Border Patrol, law enforcement agencies and military operations and designed for Military operations in challenging combat zones, the Inkas Titan-D APC is the latest variant of the Inkas Titan range of military vehicles which includes the Inkas Titan APC, the Inkas Titan-V APC both built on the Ford F550 OEM chassis and the Titan-S APC which is a smaller version built on the Toyota LandCruiser 70 series OEM chassis.

We have developed two new Cash-in-Transit Vehicles with the latest Armored GMC Savana CIT vehicle being in high demand. In addition, luxurious commercial vehicles such as Mercedes, Maybach or BMW transporting the delegates and VIP guests have been produced in high quantity in 2016-2017 using the latest model of chassis.


How do you see the market this year?

Inkas Vehicles main objective is to be the ideal one-stop shop solution for both Armored Commercial and Military vehicles, alleviating the procurement process of using several vendors as a result of speeding up the entire supply-chain process. With over 1000 vehicles designed and manufactured in its Dubai Head Quarter since 2012, Inkas Vehicles latest product have caught the attention of professional with successful pre-orders. We look forward for an exciting year ahead.