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First-Rate Armored Vehicles for Sale in Dubai and the UAE

Security is something that should never be taken for granted, nor compromised, especially when it comes to protecting the life of people and other valuable assets.

If you are looking for armored vehicles for sale that are proven reliable and bulletproof, INKAS is the company you can trust.

Trusted Among Military Armored  Vehicles Companies in Dubai

Inkas Vehicles LLC has made a name in the vehicle armoring industry as a premier manufacturer of state-of-the-art armoured cars specifically designed to provide ultimate protection during transport of people and priceless goods.

Catering to clients worldwide, Inkas has an extensive roster of armoured cars, including cash-in-transit, buses, sedans, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), and armored personnel carrier (APC) in its Dubai HeadQuarter – UAE.

We understand the responsibility we carry as one of the leading armoured vehicles companies, which is why we always ensure to use only high-quality materials for our entire product line.

In addition, our manufacturing process follows strict military-industry standards for vehicle armouring with international certifications. Companies in our industry that adhere to these standards guarantee quality work –as for us, you can rest assured that each vehicle produced from our state-of-the-art facilities is made in accordance with the highest standards.

The Most Comprehensive Portfolio Among Dubai Armored Cars Companies

People and companies that need transportation in high-risk places can benefit the most from using these security vehicles, as these guarantee their safe transport from one place to another.

Individuals transferring money, art works, jewellery, and other priceless items can also rely on our security vehicles to bring them and their valuable goods to their destination safely.

As one of the top Dubai armored cars companies and vehicle armouring companies in the UAE, we also have the experience and capability to cater to dignitaries, security companies, ministers, and even the police and military.

Contact Us!

If you want to know more about our products and services, you may call us at +971 4 882 9408, or send us an e-mail at

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Benefit From Our Trusted Armored Car Services

The process of designing and manufacturing bulletproof cars entails minute details, such as the use of high quality, multi-layer bullet resistant glass for the body and windows of the vehicle. Some cars have special protection of the passenger compartment using world-class interior and exterior fittings. Some of them have additional fuel tank protection to avoid any hazardous conditions. Independent additional air conditioning systems are present in most vehicles. Rear door opening and closing system for quick exits are also installed if required. Mostly, all of the Dubai armored cars have on and off-road ability to ensure maximum client satisfaction.

At INKAS, we also offer manufacturing and sales of SWAT armored vehicles, also known as armored rescue vehicles. SWAT trucks for sale and cars are used by police tactical units to respond to incidents. These vehicles are mostly non-military armored vehicles, which give protection to the passengers and can also be used to transport specialized equipment, such as weapons.

Our mission is to ensure the safety and protection of our clients by delivering high quality and innovative designs, committed workmanship and outstanding services with aftersales support.