A Mercedes armored car customised for your peace of mind

As a leading world-renowned automobile manufacturer, Mercedes Benz has stood the test of time by providing industry leading innovations, premium products, and German quality automobiles. Inkas combines the premier driving experience offered by Mercedes with military-grade armouring, giving you the best of both worlds.

We offer top of the line Mercedes Benz armored cars

Inkas Vehicles LLC is a complete vehicle armoring solutions company providing specialized armoring services and complete bulletproof packages to customers in Dubai and the UAE. We have a fully-equipped armoring facility located at Dubai Investments Park 2, which enables us to design and execute complex projects and requirements according to client needs, with precision and cost-efficiency. We have a complete team of armouring specialists, engineers, and fabricators to provide hands-on expertise on every project.

We currently offer two Mercedes Benz armored cars with the option for full-package armouring:

• Mercedes Maybach – The Mercedes Maybach is a luxury sedan developed for those who want to experience premium level comfort while on the road. Intelligently merging power and comfort, the Maybach offers options for exclusive leather upholstery, hand-polished wood finishing, illuminated vanity mirrors, and an exclusive IWC sports watch embellished on to the sweeping wood-furnished dashboard.

• Mercedes S500 – The S500 is designed for those who desire class, simplicity, and a subtle elegance in the cars they ride. Boasting advanced innovations such as a sweeping cockpit that seamlessly blends a multi-functional display screen into the dashboard, touch sensitive controls integrated into the steering wheel, and smartphone connectivity, every detail is given a touch of class.

Bulletproof armouring developed to your specifications

Inkas combines experience and expertise to customize luxury vehicles according to international bulletproof standards. With us, the smoothness and comfort of your ride will not be compromised, even with the bulletproof outfitting that we will perform on your car. The result is a bulletproof car that blends in and instead of standing out.

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